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Our offer

Your integrated green hydrogen and Power-to-X solutions

Our end-to-end offer

Rely helps you to Bridge the Gap to your decarbonization goals with industrial-scale, safe and reliable 
Green hydrogen and Power-to-X solutions.

Each green hydrogen project is specific, so we offer two approaches to our clients’ green hydrogen and Power-to-X  production needs: Project and Product.

Product development

Rely capabilities to develop standardized plants offer many advantages: it allows for an impressive long-term reduction in price-per-molecule. It considerably reduces the time to market. It minimizes risks at all steps of the delivery and execution of the plant. It allows for an optimal technical integration and ensures for a minimum footprint. Besides all these standardization advantages, Rely capacity to adjust its products to the reality of each customer offers the flexibility needed to suit all specific situations. 

Project execution with technology integration

When a situation or an expectation is so specific, Rely is here to offer tailor-made project execution, integrating technologies towards a specific purpose, leveraging on the 65 years’ experience and expertise of Technip Energies.




We are dedicated to building solutions which ensures Green Hydrogen and Power-to-X production at scale

Our technology and expertise combine to target the lowest Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCoH), making Green Hydrogen comparable with carbon-intensive energy sources.

Rely specializes in green hydrogen Power-to-X at-scale. We take a standardized modular approach to technology with a core focus on developing green hydrogen Power-to-X projects of 100 MW output and beyond. 

Our standardized modular approach makes green hydrogen Power-to-X accessible to a larger number of industries and a wider range of applications than ever before.

Our performance guarantees and integrated approach provide transparency throughout the project procurement and execution phases, minimizing risk and eliminating uncertainty.

Our parent companies have safely delivered over 1,300 hydrogen electrolyzers and successfully built over 30% of installed hydrogen capacity worldwide. 

We leverage this experience and embed class-leading design and process safety into every project, reinforced by the expert guidance we deliver throughout the project lifecycle.

Our position on the value chain

value chain

Partnerships and alliances are a powerful tool in driving market growth and development. By collaborating with like-minded organizations, we can leverage our collective strengths to create innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Together, we can support the growth of our market and ensure that it remains competitive and sustainable for years to come. 

Caroline Verdon
Strategic partnership Director

Long-term partnerships with suppliers are essential in ensuring the quality, reliability, and sustainability of our products. By working closely with our partners, we can guide the design of future generations of components and achieve a higher level of integration, ultimately delivering the best possible product to our customers.


Philippe Deschamps
Global Procurement Director

Operations & Maintenance

From the essentials to the transfer of operations, Rely aims to cover the full range of Operations & Maintenance services in line with his Long Term Service Approach. 

Supported by a strong digital architecture, dedicated experts and global footprint, Rely will secure customer’s expectation with all level of maintenance services, Operations and Asset monitoring, Spare parts management, adapted training, specific advisory up to a 24/7 customer portal to provide emergency support and remote assistance.

Being the single point of contact for the client, Rely offers an integrated solution, from design to operations and maintenance of the stack and overall plant with guaranteed performance.

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