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Green hydrogen configurable productized plant

Plant as a product

Clear100+ consists of a standard 100MW renewable hydrogen production facilities, with John Cockerill pressurized alkaline electrolyzer stacks with process treatment unit, pre-assembled for installation, safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective design to be implemented in different environments. 

Integrated Performance Guaranteed

Featuring proven, warrantied technology, easy operation and maintenance, and 96% uptime, Clear100+ is flexible, adaptable, and suited to multiple industries, applications, and environments.

Accelerated Lead time

Available at a reduced price with a short lead time, Clear100+ allows you to secure finance quickly and gives you the fastest time to green hydrogen production.

Maintainable and compact design

Embracing containarization and skidding, Clear100+ features a configurable core product tailored to your site's size.

Reduced LCOH

Combining a standardized approach and a single, whole-plant Energy Management System, Clear100+ optimizes CAPEX and OPEX to deliver the lowest cost of hydrogen.

51.7 – 53.7 kWh/kg

guaranteed at plant level, with P-series line from John Cockerill Hydrogen

96% availability

Clear100+ has a high availability of 330 days per year. You get a maximum uptime and minimal downtime.


Our optimized and compact design is a cost-effective and space-saving solution for your plant.

Reduced number of equipment by 35%

Thanks to our unmatched integration.

Clear100+ combines best-in-class hydrogen electrolyzer technology with world-leading hydrogen EPC experience. It's the best of both worlds into one product! Productized yet configurable, we developed a standardized plant which will accelerate our clients' path towards their decarbonization goals. And it's just the beginning of the story... 

Christophe Goddin
Product owner Clear100+

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A core product on the shelf

Clear100+ is a standardized full-plant design with adaptable features, making it the perfect solution for any site.

We adapt to the normative frameworks of your site and industrial sequence, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.

From project inception, we help you reach your FID within 5 months.

Unmatched integration sets us apart

Rely is reshaping the way to design green hydrogen plants
  • 2 buildings of electrolyzer stack (P-series) – 20 x 5MW
  • Multiple configurations of mutualized separators.
  • Highly maintainable design:
    • Unique building design ensuring an easy access to all core equipment
    • Mutualized electrolyte circulation
  • Unique centralized control system for  low manning operations.

A core product of 1ha with 35% equipment less.

Safety and Capex efficiency

Within the challenging and highly competitive global energy industry, Rely excels by making Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSES) our top priorities. We’re committed to looking after our teams and safeguarding our projects while delivering to the very highest standards. Clear100+ onboards all the HSE standards and has been design with a safety-by-design rigorness. 

As a company committed to decarbonization solutions, we aim to develop end-to-end solutions that cover all the other components of the environment. 

We decided to create this entity separate from our two large companies to have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we can rely on the expertise and financial solidity of two large industrial groups, leaders in their fields. On the other hand, we have the mandate and mission to develop new working methods, adapted to a new transition energy environment.

Rely developed an indicator called CapEx efficiency , which allows us to demonstrate that Rely, we can offer the lowest CapEx by considering the set of factors and the efficiency of the stack. Leveraging digital technology, we support the plant's life cycle, offering solutions and operational optimizations, including predictive maintenance.

John Cockerill Hydrogen 
pressurized alkaline electrolyzers 

A proven technology

With decades of proven performance and durability, alkaline electrolysis is a mature and robust technology that has been widely adopted across the globe.

John Cockerill Hydrogen’ stacks have been commercially proven in over 30 countries, with more than 1,300 references across a range of industries including chemicals, glassmaking, steelmaking, and power plants.

John Cockerill Hydrogen brochure

P-Series product line

Design with optimized materials selection for BoS

  • Opex-optimized product (higher performance)
  • High-performance cell design
  • Higher current density
  • 15 barg (out of the purification system, PDU)
  • Maximum capacity of 1,000 Nm³/h per stack

S-series product line

Design with nipple plates / thin nickel EM

  • Capex-optimized product
  • Standard cell design
  • High return of experience with installed base
  • 15 barg (out of purification system, PDU)
  • Maximum capacity of 1,000 Nm³/h per stack

Leveraging long-term experience

Rely is a trusted partner for clients looking to invest in hydrogen generation. 

By leveraging our mother companies' strengths in procurement and engineering, we can provide our clients with unparalleled support throughout the entire project lifecycle

Our global footprint and established presence in the hydrogen market allow us to deliver customized solutions that meet our clients' unique needs and help them achieve their sustainability goals.


of existing global hydrogen installed capacity


talents supporting around the world


hydrogen experts to accompany you


references for John Cockerill Hydrogen's stacks 

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