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What do we offer ?

As a market-making company, Rely offers end-to-end large-scale solutions, from pre-Final Investment Decision (FID) services including technical & financial advisory through to proprietary technologies, project execution, and operation & maintenance.

Rely also fuses a commitment to standardized approach, developing product portfolio for 100MW and above leveraging the experience and expertise of its parent companies.

With its unique offer, Rely will serve as the missing bridge that can help customers reach their decarbonization goals.

We are dedicated to building solutions which makes Green Hydrogen production:


Our technology and expertise combine to target the lowest Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCoH), making GH2 comparable with carbon-intensive energy sources.  


Rely specializes in green hydrogen Power-to-X at-scale. We take a standardized modular approach to technology with a core focus on developing green hydrogen Power-to-X projects of 100 MW output and beyond. 


Our standardized modular approach makes green hydrogen Power-to-X accessible to a larger number of industries and a wider range of applications than ever before. 

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Our performance guarantees and integrated approach provide transparency throughout the project procurement and execution phases, minimizing risk and eliminating uncertainty.

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Our parent companies have safely delivered over 1,000 hydrogen electrolyzers and successfully built over 30% of installed hydrogen capacity worldwide. We leverage this experience and embed class-leading design and process safety into every project, reinforced by the expert guidance we deliver throughout the project lifecycle.

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